How to Pay

Method 1: Online Banking
(Free Delivery)

1. Log in to your online banking website or mobile banking app.

2. Make the payment for the amount on your invoice to the following account:

Name: Moringa Life
Number: 110000004121088
Bank: RBC (Royal Bank Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd.

3. Be sure to include your Order # in the details and send a screenshot of the transaction for payment confirmation.


Method 2: Credit Card
(Free Delivery)

1. Select Credit Card as the payment method at checkout on our website.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions

3. Congratulations your order has been paid for.

Method 3: WiPay Cash Voucher
(Free Delivery)

1.Purchase a wipay voucher with cash for the same value as your order total at the nearest wipay merchant to you.

2. Select WIPAY Voucher as payment method at checkout, enter the code on the wipay voucher into the text area and press enter.

3. Congratulations, your order has been paid for.


Method 4: Cash on Delivery
(Subject to Delivery Charges)

1. Select Cash on delivery as payment method at checkout.

2. Pay with cash or linx upon delivery.

3. Congratulations your order has been paid for.



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Pharmacies Nationwide!


WiPay Merchant List:

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Carapichima Fine Soaps Limited 27 Orange Field Road 673-6740
Chaguanas VTDC Services 139 Edinburgh Southern Main Road, Chase Village 313-2036
Couva Fotocraft Balmain Main Road 636-2349
Cunupia Sammy’s Supermarket 78 Montrose Main Road 291-8753
Arima Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd Store K Arima Shopping Plaza, EMR 310-4149
Arouca BJ’s Drug World Ltd #22 Eastern Main Road 221-7571
Barataria Cover Me Variety Store #113 Eastern Main road 391-4209
Curepe Codecc Pharmacy Limited Corner Eastern Main Road & Riverside Road 663-9543
El Dorado Tech City Experts 278 EMR El Dorado 645-6070
Macoya Dealshaker Trinidad and Tobago Limited 17A Centre of Excellence 235-4161
San Juan El Socorro Mini Plaza Ltd Corner Mohammedville and El Socorro Road 674-5538
San Juan Epic Technologies El Socorro Road 638-8308
Sangre Grande Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd Grande shopping center, EMR the second kiosks on the left 310-4149
St. Augustine Medi-Time Pharmacy Ltd #86 Evans Street 663-6334
Valencia East Side Tyre Shop 22 1/4 mile Eastern Main Road 324-5103
Blanchisseuse D’ Food Calabash Grocery No.147 La Fillette Village 467-0908
Port of Spain Boom’s World Opposite Drag Mall Henry Street 476-2456
Port of Spain Kesh’s Place #131 Duke St. 331-0596
Port of Spain Media City Charlotte Street, Bradford mall 624-3902
Port of Spain Mobile Fusion Booth #1 Aboutique Mall, Federick Street 323-8273
Port of Spain Tech Access Booth #1 Aboutique mall Federick Street 323-6359
Port of Spain Zoom Tech Henry Street Aboutique mall 323-6359
Port of Spain St. Christopher’s Convenience Store #23 Wrightson Road 225-4545
Port of Spain D Red Bow 48 Tragarete Road 622-0908
Port of Spain Electronic Sales Limited 37 Tragarete Road 622-8764
Marabella Better Cell Mobile and Electronic Store #204 Southern Main road 286-2088
New Grant Deodath Maharaj & Sons Hardware Ltd 735 Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers Road 656-2743
Point Fortin R’s Entertainment #1 Tanner Street 375-8736
Point Fortin Wayne Investments 80 Point Fortin Main Road 648-6789
Princes Town Ellie’s Medicine Pharmacy Ltd #294 St. Julien Village, Naparima Mayaro Road 223-2041
San Fernando Nitronix South Park 723-2223
San Fernando Pitcher Electronics Ltd 12 Gooding Village, Cipero Street 228-9864
San Fernando Tip Top Kids Clothing Company Ltd 13 Lazzari Street, Mon Repos 292-0695
Petit Valley Bodega – Sips, Snax & Stuff 7 West Hills Commercial Plaza, Morne Coco Rd 231-4600
St James Golden Stars Trading #47 Western Main Road 375-8499
St James TAV Mobile 2nd Floor, Long Circular Mall 620-6203
St. James First Choice Supermarket 32 Bournes Road 622-5347
WoodBrook The Avenue Pharmacy 95 Ariapita Avenue 222-1343
WoodBrook Burger Joint #71 Ariapita Avenue 347-7341
Tobago Bright Tech Communications – Digicel Dealership Gulf City Mall, Lowlands 270-0001
Tobago Key Computer Solutions Ltd Wilson Road, Scarborough (Next to Royal Castle) 639-1858
Tobago Bella Cosmetics Milford Road, Crown Point (Next to Chef BBQ) 639-1858