Payment Instructions

Method 1: Online Banking
(Free Delivery)

1. Log in to your online banking website or mobile banking app.

2. Make the payment for the amount on your invoice to the following account:

Name: Moringa Life
Number: 110000004121088
Bank: RBC (Royal Bank Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd.

3. Be sure to include your Order # in the details and send a screenshot of the transaction for payment confirmation.

Method 2: Credit Card
(Free Delivery)

1. Select Credit Card as the payment method at checkout on our website.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions

3. Congratulations your order has been paid for.

Method 3: WiPay Cash Voucher
(Free Delivery)

1.Purchase a wipay voucher with cash for the same amount as your order total at the nearest wipay merchant to you.

2. Select WIPAY Voucher as payment method at checkout, enter the code on the wipay voucher into the text area and press enter.

3. Congratulations, your order has been paid for.

Method 4: Cash on Delivery
(Subject to Delivery Charges)

1. Select Cash on delivery as payment method at checkout.

2. Pay with cash or linx upon delivery.

3. Congratulations your order has been paid for.

Thank you for shopping with us!